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PSALM 1-75 - Halfway 16 Jan 2020

Halfway in meditating on the psalms, I take a few moments to reflect. Even camels need some rest.

What did I learn?

1) The psalms frequently speak about a good future for the righteous.
2) King David struggled hard with the enemies speaking in his mind, his emotions.
3) The psalms invite to praise and thanksgiving to God.


I really feel invited to come with all my frustrations and desires before God's throne. I know that God likes to bring peace in my heart and open my heart for prayer for the good of my fellow people. God is very willing to hear my smaller and bigger hardships. Come Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray with the psalms. And please inspire me and others to create new songs inspired by those psalms. That the beauty of prayer may find fresh ways.

the camel rests

Even camels need some rest

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