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Work 8 Jan 2019


Some words about an ordinary workday. Nothing special, I always tend to think. And frequently I find it hard to talk about my workdays to Millet, friends and other people who ask about what happened at my work or day.

Today still had some nice and interesting events.

after a day of work

After a day of work

Waking up

Most workdays I get up at 5:30 am. I may take a shower or wash myself. Today I took the second option. After getting dressed I moved to our prayer room. The weekdays I start with a 25 minutes quiet prayer. I try to focus on God and to say and think little. I don't have to perform. I wait for God. It seems lost time. Over the years that I am doing this practice, my love for my fellow people has increased.

At 6:25 a.m. Millet and I try to take a common breakfast. Millet eats preferably rice and I like to eat some bread. I also prepare a small lunch, again bread. After the breakfast I move to the work by bicycle. A 20 minutes light exercise.


It is very quiet in the office. I get a cup of coffee and check my email. I make a small list of things I want to do. I do have a lot of freedom how to organize my work.
When my project leader arrives, he observes that I looked somewhat sickly. He too struggles with influenza and some colds. I want to see my face in the mirror. It is true.

I am updating a document that describes my work. It seems that with changes in the company's computers I have lost some small updates from August till November. I feel annoyed. Fortunately I could find a reasonable version and I began updating that document.

Actually I like to present the work I do. But the project I work on had so many little changes over the time, that some redesign of the methods used would be required. But that is a big work. And I and my team postpone changes which are not requested. Although I understand the reasons I do not feel comfortable with the situation.


This year I plan to work roughly 28 hours per week instead of 40 hours last year. I decide to leave the work around 11 a.m. to talk with some people at the parish office. I talk about my desire to seek ways to get more people involved with service in the parish. I like to write an essay about the thoughts I have on the subject.
I move back to the office. First I visit the canteen and eat a snack.


I continue with extensions in my documentation. I complete the document to a level at which I like to print and review the 50 pages. The printers in our building fail. There is a server problem.
At 4 p.m. there is a management presentation. I enjoy to hear that the company is doing well. I am hearing about complexities in setting up a research program for products for this increasingly complex time. By times I am interested in the business issues which usually hardly affect my normal work. It however may affect my income in the coming time!
At 5 p.m. I leave for the new years drinks and I am happy to talk with a few colleagues.


Just after 6 p.m. I arrive home and spend some time talking with Millet. When Millet goes to church, I work an hour working for today's website entry. At 8 p.m. I visit a friend to assist her with the moving some email contact addresses from one archive to another destination. After some talking I go home to finish this text.

Time to sleep

10:30 p.m. time to relax. Tomorrow another day!

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