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Who Am I? 27 Jan 2019

I may have a distorted view on myself. My self image may be unrealistic.
With a complicated question just a little rhyme!

distorted William

Distorted self image.

Who I am?

Who never does ask
Does wear a mask.
Whether I am lazy
Or a little crazy
If leaning is slow
I still want to know.

As it can be known
I am not what I own
I am not conform
The work I perform.
What men around do say
Should not make me sway.

I am who I am.
Is where it began.
In truth I belong to God.
Which is by far not odd.
I have been created.
Thus I am related.
His beloved am I.
Even when I die.

I want to be free.
So that I can see
What may give me joy
In what is my employ.
Hope I may never cease
To seek what gives peace.

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