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What do I want? 29 Jan 2019

Trust Future

One of the first things I want is an attitude of trust in my future. I would like to be free. Free to choose what gives peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness (Gal 5:22 fruits of the Holy Spirit).

If I am not free to choose what is good, I also will not have self control.

The question what I like to do

It is nice to have money. Money is not what I actually want.


I want to relate to other people. I want to co-operate with others. And that requires trust and unity. I want to be known by others.

I want to get to know people who want to build relationship. I struggle with finding people who like to build a relationship of trust with me.

I want a meaningful life for many

I look for people who are willing to think and talk about a meaningful life. A life that can be trusted and enjoyed for a group of people. When others around me are unhappy, that will affect me.

I want a community where people grow

I want to learn to act loving and caring. I want to learn to deal in a healthy way with my faults and troubles in relationships. I want to see my talents flourishing. And I wish the same for people around me.

I want a future even after death

I want to live in a community where people seek actively the Kingdom of God. For now and forever.

I want to meet you!

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