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Soup 20 Jan 2019

Millet likes to eat rice. In the times we lived in the Philippines I loved to eat soup with the rice. It makes a light meal and is easy to prepare.

In the Netherlands and in the winter time we may eat Erwtensoep, being a kind of one pot meal with meat and vegetables being mainly peas.

Soup is nice for eating.

liquid mixture

Digital Soup

In Dutch language the word soup is used when things go wrong. Het is in de soep gelopen, meaning that an event went wrong. Everything fell into the soup and was thus lost.

Soup may be a food where leftovers are reused.

Mixed feelings

When our emotions are touched we may feel like a soup. Everything is poured out into one big pot. Actually is does not appeal our taste. But we need to eat the soup. We need to taste our emotions. If they are not tasted, endured and felt, then they leave a painful and confusing mess.

And actually when we learn to taste (test) our emotions we may recognize some of the ingredients, the smaller components. We may come to understand that not everything in our emotions is bad. They need to be tasted and understood.

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