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Snow 22 Jan 2019

Other world

Finally we have a winter landscape. A couple of hours of snow changed our little garden. The outside world looks very different. Snow is nice to see and nice for playing. Riding a bicycle in the snow is hard and more dangerous.

white and white

Today's view from our living room.


Everything is covered with snow outside. It looks nice. You may not be sure what is under the layer of snow.

When the temperature rises above 0 degree Celsius, the snow starts to melt. When the temperature of the under-layer is colder, the melting water will produce ice. And the ice is slippery for all traffic, whether you walk, ride a bicycle or drive a car: You need to move carefully. And at any time you may loose control. When walking or riding a bicycle you may drop and be smashed on the ground. Cars may bump to other cars or objects.

Wisdom is not enough

When you can not see or know what is under a surface, you need to be careful. Whether with snow on a road or with covered emotions in a person. Just a little trigger causes unexpected responses.

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