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Snake 13 Jan 2019

In the Netherlands we do not have snakes. Except in a zoo. Therefore I have little knowledge about those impressing animals.

I have various kinds of thoughts about snakes: dangerous, crafty, prepared to attack and byte me. I have to be afraid of them and to avoid them.

One beautiful day in Singapore, Sentosa Island, at out honeymoon Millet and I were invited for a picture taking while holding a snake.

holding a snake

We are not too afraid.

How did it feel?

We had seen other tourists and some actors holding the snake. They all looked very relaxed. Perhaps the snake had been fed very well just before. So we took our turn. When I see the picture of some 15 years ago, I am wondering if that snake was real and alive. He or she was, as far as I know.

The snake did not feel slimy or rude. It felt pleasant, convenient, relaxing. There was no fear. You almost would fall in love with the animal. Fortunately I had just given my love to Millet.

Fear prevents us from many good experiences

I still believe that snakes are by times dangerous. I still have little knowledge about snakes.

I ask God to show me more of my unrealistic fears that hinder me in life. And I pray for more good unexpected experiences that may help me to change wrong thinking.

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