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Sharing 19 Jan 2019

Sharing has a variety of meanings. Some usages of the word are:

  • Timesharing or also known as multiplexing. Doing various things at one moment. Computers can do it very well. Women believe they also can do it well. Men know that they make more mistakes while timesharing. Generally it is believed that when we do various things at the same time, we do such at the price of being less effective or producing a lower quality work. We have limitations.
  • Sharing of goods. As children we are taught to share sweets with other children. It is not easy. I do not like to release what I like. I need to overcome lust.
  • Sharing of our thoughts. We can publish our thoughts. We may speak out thoughts. We can share them on Internet or on social media. We can share thoughts with friends. Usually when we release a precious thought we like to hear a response.
  • Sharing of our emotions and what we feel and think inside. Opening up, and making the thoughts available for others. This may be fearful. But it is much needed for honest relationships. People can easily misunderstand me.
  • Sharing of our desires and dreams.

I like to share a little more on the desires and dreams.



About sharing of intimacies

When something is precious to me I am hurt when something happens to it. My dreams are vulnerable. They are precious. They may appear unrealistic. Therefore it is easy for people to comment on or criticize my unrealized ideas.

I may feel hurt and stop sharing or I may defend my ideas in unfriendly ways.

I struggle with my unloving responses when I am hurt. My responses are my responsibility. Asking forgiveness is good, but it does not solve my own disappointment. My behaviour has a pattern. Similar conflicts repeat on and on. I look for better solutions.

My dreams are desirable

Assume my dream is a desirable good. If a community where I belong to does not affirm that, I feel stiffled. A good part of me is killed. Then such a community is not life-giving to me.

I dislike a community that refuses to affirm my dreams and talents. They are killing my creativity and healthy growth. Good dreams are desirable.

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