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Purgatory 23 Jan 2019


Leaving my work by bicycle I wondered about the purgatory: Why would a loving God want a person to pass through a painful purgatory after dead?

If God is loving, the purgatory must have a meaningful purpose. The need for such a place could have various reasons. A warning: I do not know the exact answer.

after the life

Transition from earthly life to eternal life.

I may have objections to enter heaven immediately.

I could be afraid for God or ashamed for my failures in life.

Reasons of justice

When God is just, that may need to be balanced with His love. Other beings - even the Devil - may demand it.

God may have a much more loving purpose

This is actually the core of my thinking when I was riding home. Perhaps the state in which I enter the eternal life may have eternal immutable consequences. When I enter heaven filled with shame, perhaps my shame will endure forever. When I enter heaven better prepared in a purgatory I may have a better eternal life. Being honest: I would be happy when I will not arrive in hell.

My present life may have enduring consequences

I want to change my life according to the teaching of Jesus. I find it not easy. I pray for the grace of Jesus now. God may do to me according to his wisdom. I put my trust in Jesus.

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