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Pity 3 Jan 2019

When I pity a person I may consider a deed of mercy. A deed of mercy easily may be a deed of love.


My emotions may motivate me towards deeds of care or love. It remains a question if the deeds stirred up by my emotions are effective.

Poor children

Some poor people.

Inadequacy of help

There are a number of reasons that my help may lack effectiveness:

  1. Unwanted help. Poor and needy people do have pride and stubbornness.
  2. Unwanted advice. Perhaps the majority of advice that I give is unsolicited. I assume I can solve someone else's problem.
  3. The help is too small or inadequate to solve the problem(s).
  4. The person who has been offered help can not change easily.
  5. The needy person may be lazy or irresponsible.
  6. ...

Need for pity

When I am indifferent for the needs of others then I will not be able to relate to the needy ones.

The needy persons may hate me and or curse me in word and deed.

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