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Panic 21 Jan 2019

Case of the day.

One of the colleagues at my work joked: Be careful because you may have to account to Saint Peter at heavens gate. I answered: Ai, perhaps I will be sent back to work forever on our project.

With doing forever the same work, I would not be satisfied. I like change and new things.

When I face doom?

I think terror would strike. I would panic. I would run for my life. Although ...
as a Christian I believe in the eternal life. I should not be afraid for death.

Under unexpected pressure I expect that I will not respond normal and quiet. I may panic.

sinking boat

Time for panic?

My biggest fears

  • To be separated from Millet
  • Pain
  • Loss of health
  • Living amidst a lot of suffering from other people
  • Being rejected by family and bosses
  • Eternally doing the same
  • Failure

In what form am I avoiding possible panic?

I do not see my own escapes. A few examples:

  • Not moving too far from safety.
  • Avoiding to run hard or do severe physical exercise. I may fall and break bones.
  • Avoiding to live in a poor country e.g. far from medical care.
  • Avoiding to start projects to avoid the risk of failure.
  • Waiting for someone to take authority over my actions before I start.
  • Not choosing gifts for beloved ones, because of fear of rejection.


I also have desires that help me to accept risks.

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