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Options 4 Jan 2019

Change in working hours

This year I will work 12 hours per week less. Thus I have some extra time to utilize. And I consider my options!


Some options to spend 12 hours time weekly.

Option 0: Relax

Although we need time to relax. I would like to avoid to waste my time. Therefore I need to consider how I can spend my time in a meaningful way. When I plan activities, usually things really will happen.

Option 1: Pray

I am interested how God want to use my time in the future. And I am quite open. I plan some of my extra time for prayer and reflection. But I know: even prayer needs discipline.

Option 2: Serve

I like to connect more to my neighbourhood. Service (or volunteers work) is an excellent way to get to know new people around.

Option 3: Travel

I like to visit some Christian communities. And that needs traveling. I also need to plan ... because else I will postpone the visits forever.

Being Effective

For me this requires planning and organizing.

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