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New Leaf 1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year with a New leaf

Millet cares well for our plants and for our lives. This morning at our 10 a.m. breakfast we observed a beautiful new unrolling huge leaf in one of our plants. Isn't that beautiful at the first day of the new year!

We wish all readers a Happy New Year and may it be like the new unrolling and unwritten leaf on the picture. We hope and pray that in your life a beautiful story may unroll this year.

The old has gone

This morning we welcomed an unrolling new big leaf.


Yesterday's Mañana has arrived. So I owe you a description of some of my good resolutions.

  1. Love Millet more.
  2. Work less hours for income generation.
  3. Make more space for happiness in my personal life.
  4. Take some course in drawing, music, dance or sports.
  5. Improve the lights on my bicycle and being more polite in the traffic.
  6. Try to listen more and better to my fellow people.
  7. Improve the website. I consider moving to Wordpress. It will be easier to add nice features and to improve the presentation.
  8. Have a few more (weekend) outings with Millet.
  9. Take more time for intercession (prayer).

As you can see I really need a big new leaf for a challenging 2019 and I really look forward to see what will unroll in my life.

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