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Marionette 7 Jan 2019

Yesterday I used a picture of puppets and today again. This time however I'd like to talk about a different type of puppets. and 1069104

Puppet Strings

Controlled by strings from above.

Yes, the puppets in the image are controlled by strings from above. And it is quite an art to make the puppets moving. It takes some practice and fantasy.

Do you like to be controlled?

When I am controlled by another person I do not feel free. I do not feel pleasant. Even when I feel controlled, I am not at ease. I want to rebel. I want to get rid of the controlling force.

False God Image

The idea of predestination expresses that there is a God who controls my future or has already programmed my future. In that case I dot not have a free will. I am just a machine. Would a loving God control my free will?

Would I like it when God controls my life?

By times I pray: Please God, guide me. Yes, there is something in me that would like God to be in control over my life. There is something in me that seeks safe and secure ways.

I do believe that God may inspire and guide us. I also believe that God loves to see me using my freedom and creativity. God has given me talents. And those talents can not develop in healthy ways when God controls me totally. Normal human learning requires that we can make faults and learn from our mistakes. We need to learn what are ineffective or impractical ways to use our life and talents.

Prayer for freedom

Father God, help me to be courageous and willing to make mistakes. Especially where I need to learn to love and trust, both myself and others. Thank You for giving me opportunities. Open my eyes to see where I need to act and take responsibility.

In other words:

God, please cut the strings that tie me in unhealthy ways to You, fellow people and my history.

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