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Lazy 12 Jan 2019

By times I am lazy. Today's picture was taken at 8:15 in the morning. The location is the house of my sister in law, ate Remy. At that time they had a mechanical repair business in their house. They were hard working people and have been a blessing to many in the family. I think Millet was attending the hairdresser.

Just lazy

The upcoming husband preparing for his wedding.

It was my wedding day

The family worked hard to arrange everything. And what am I doing? Perhaps preparing for the change in my life. A couple of hours later I would be a married man and have more responsibilities. Being honest, it was our civil wedding and the more important church wedding was scheduled a month later.

Just in time

In the Philippines you will dress just before you go out and you also will take first a bath so that you will be fresh.

Am I lazy?

1. Yes by times I am.
2. Yes, I tend to postpone quite some things to the last possible moment.
3. Yes, I may end up lazy when I do not make plans.
4. Yes, I may postpone plans when I feel insecure, annoyed, frustrated or angry.

Am I only Lazy?

No, I am not always lazy.

I am learning over the years:

  • Few people are always lazy
  • Few people are always proud
  • Few people look always beautiful
  • Few people feel always happy
  • Few people are always bad
  • Few people are always kind
  • ...

We are human.

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