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Girls 11 Jan 2019

Wedding preparations

This year Millet and I will be married 15 years. We do not have children. All of Millet's brothers and sisters however do have children and grandchildren.

With weddings in the Philippines there is a theme. In our case light-blue. All the persons with a special task will wear a dress in that theme. So did the two girls on the picture.

Girls with Dress

Two girls preparing for a wedding.


How would the girls have felt? In an unusual dress. At least they smiled.
When I was 6 years old I also was invited at the wedding of my uncle Carolus, my godfather. My brothers and sisters were not invited. We went by car to Roermond. We did not have a car ourselves. Everything was so special that day. The house of my auntie Fiet' parents was nicely decorated. My aunties brother had a ham radio station. And I was really impressed. (At that age I was already interested in amateur radio)
It was one of the most memorable days of my life.


I pray that all children may have at least a few special experiences in their youth. That they can feel special.

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