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Cracked 31 Jan 2019

Cracks make things useless

My workday was not very successful. My computer account had been disabled. A small administrative fault made my computer useless for most of the day. Fortunately my account got enabled halfway the afternoon.

It is not always easy to repair things with cracks. Today I hit a drinking glass with with a cup. It got cracked. I was fortunate. I did not have to collect the glass splinters from all over the floor. The glass however ended in the garbage.

A plate with a crack

A useless plate

When my politeness shows cracks

When I am annoyed, stressed or impatient, my politeness shows cracks. Not even small cracks. Friendships may split in two parts, like with the plate. Relationships with cracks are not easy to mend.

Making up

Time heals wounds. Asking forgiveness and forgiving helps. Perhaps I can make up a little with some kindness.

The broken trust is harder to heal.


Some reasons why I get annoyed:

  • If someone else is annoyed.
  • If someone else is impolite.
  • If things go wrong.
  • If my performance is not OK.
  • If I make faults.
  • If my opinion is not heard or respected.

It helps little if I am annoyed. Perhaps my expectations are wrong.

Empathy and understanding with cracks

Why is it so hard to smile and talk about our emotions?

1. Perhaps my wounds still hurt.

2. After a verbal conflict, I seldom can accurately reproduce what had been said. Often I would like to hear a tape record of the conversation that caused a crack.

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