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Ampersand 16 Jan 2019

The word ampersand is a corruption of the phrase and per se & (and), meaning and by itself and (represented by the symbol &)

Connecting symbol

The & is a connecting symbol. It is inclusive. An example is: William & Millet are a couple.

conencting symbol

This symbol connects anything.

What is needed for two persons to stay connected?

Either they are tied together or they choose to stay together from free will.

The tying together may be a bond established by a promise. Promises can however be broken. A child is connected to a father and a mother with an unbreakable bond. That bond can be damaged. But the genetic bond can not be undone. The common experience of a married couple also can not be undone. The common experience of friends neither can be undone. Our good memories can be stained and damaged by later bad experience. Usually we allow our memories to be distorted by bad experiences.

Community and & / bond

Strong bonds are normally based on promises and commitments. Those may be written in a contract (or covenant.)

Building strong bonds needs that we can rely on one-another. It requires that we can trust each other. It grants rights for mutual help and assistance when needed.

Together we can do more than alone.

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