Maintenance 27 Sep 2018

Web Site Maintenance

Today the website has some small updates. The number one change is a fix for reasonable operation in iPhone and iPad devices. I would like to hear when you experience problems with normal operation of the website.

Device to estimate size

Body Maintenance

As you can see Millet also works hard to perform some maintenance on the physical body. You would be surprised to see her strength. Although she is certainly not the number 1 in her family. And she has not yet signed up for a contest.

Maintenance in Relationships

I do not like maintenance. But by times I really need to work on maintenance issues. When my bicycle's tire is flat I need to repair it.

When I hurt Millet (my wife), the relationship needs some attention.

There is also preventive maintenance. Maintaining an attitude of love in hard situations helps. It prevents conflict escalation. I also can take training to express myself more wise in difficult circumstances.

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