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WAM stands for William and Millet and for the initials of William (Wilhelmus Aloisius Maria).

We married at an age of 44/48 and have no children. We ourselves know we are children of a God who cares for us. Presently we live in the Netherlands but we seek new challenges.

Catholic Community

We like to connect to other people interested in Catholic communities having the purpose to support spiritual and real life growth around a parish. We want people to live a joyful and meaningful life dedicated to the growth of the Kindom of God.

Image of Millet and William


Millet (pronounced as 'me' followed by 'let') is a shortcut for Carmelita. Millet is born in Camiling (Philippines) in a family of 12 children.

Millet has worked for 20 years as Community Development Officer II with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines.


William is born in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in a family of 4 children.

William is an engineer in electronics and works self employed with customers in Taiwan, Netherlands, Belgium and China.

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