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TED Procrastination and Depression. 3 Feb 2024

Procrastination is not working on what needs to be done now. And in the worst case, never starting to do what matters.

Just two days ago, I saw a beautiful TED talk on procrastination "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator" by Tim Urban.
Today I heard a podcast "Do or Die" by Daniel Mintie. He spoke if and how a therapist would accept a suicidal person as a patient.
Surprisingly, both messages did have common content:
Both the procrastinator and a depressed person think with a very short future in mind. Roughly just thinking about gratification in the coming 3 minutes.
Both have a need to face their longer-term life value.

Tim Urban explains that delaying a task until the deadline arrives is often manageable, although it does often not produce great results. Some tasks in life have no deadline. Procrastinating such tasks means that I will never do these tasks. This may do huge damage to my future.

Total Choice for Life

Daniel Mentie explains that suicidal and depressed persons need to make more serious business about their future. They need to chose what kind of future they like. Otherwise, they will take procrastination or suicide as a good option for their lives.
In the life of a serious Christian, there is a huge need for a total irrevocable YES to Christ. Else, that Christian will be procrastinating and may even end with a "suicide."

Without a serious commitment to life, I am gambling with my future.

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