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Matthew 8:1-4. If You Are Willing. 20 Feb 2023

Mat 8:1 After he had come down from the mountain
large crowds followed him.
Suddenly a man with a virulent skin-disease
came up and bowed low in front of him, saying,
'Lord, if you are willing, you can cleanse me.'
3 Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him saying,
'I am willing. Be cleansed.'
And his skin-disease was cleansed at once.
4 Then Jesus said to him,
'Mind you tell no one,
but go and show yourself to the priest
and make the offering prescribed by Moses,
as evidence to them.'

Perhaps, what Jesus did at the end, is sending evidence to the priests.
The healing shows that Jesus had authority and power to heal.

It was not easy for the priests to believe in Jesus. He sent evidence.
It is not easy for me to believe in the power of Jesus; I simply lack evidence.
But finally, without faith, no-one can please God.


Jesus, I seek evidence for the gifts your Holy Spirit has given me.

Self Evaluation

I need to act in faith and try to make progress in what I believe God invites me to do. He is willing.

If WIlling.

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