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I.M. Tender 27 Feb 2022

When I am tender, something special happens. Some cracks may appear in my heart. Something nice may shine out. At the same time I am vulnerable. Rejection easily creeps in through the cracks. Thus with being tender, I take a risk.
It seems that tenderness opens a way for communication.


The courage to be tender is very productive. Something new can happen. I open my heart. When I am tender I stop hurting the other one and myself. I stop protecting the pain and frustration in my heart.


Opening my heart, invited by tenderness, is beautiful. It may feel more than a bit risky. What will happen? Will I receive a favorable response from my partner in the communication? Of course not always. Without risk, there is however not much gain. I only can loose when I do not try or learn to be tender.


Jesus, teach me to be tender. Please stand with me when I am fearful to be tender.

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