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I.M. Temperamental 26 Feb 2022

Would I have frequent strong mood changes? At least I do have instances of quick mood changes. It seems that I do have some temperaments. They give color to my life and by times they may mess up some of my actions.

It is nice when I can smile or laugh. It is harder when I am irritated. I am very thankful for the many positive temperaments. I am slow to reject all the more complicated temperaments like the responses which temper my moods. Why would I be slow to get rid of my 'negative' emotions like e.g. anger, jealousy and frustration? My answer is easy. Those painful experiences show some of my values and strengths. Some examples:
My anger may show my sense of justice, a care to protect myself and others.
My jealousy may show that I recognize and value some of my talents. They show that I trust my skills. They may show that I like beautiful things.
This is called 'positive reframing' by David Burns in his book Feeling Great. It is extremely helpful with the treatment of depression and anxiety. It helps me to stop blaming myself and others.


Jesus, guide me in recognizing the goodies in my life. Especially where I struggle with my temperaments.

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