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I.M. Tame 25 Feb 2022

With offering regular easy food, one can tame an animal. Now it shall be clear that I often act like the tamed animal, tamed and conditioned to ensure the availability of my needs. That could be food, physical or emotional security.


In Russia not many dare to demonstrate against the war in those days. In Europe, we live in fear and trembling about the gas price (with Russia as important supplier) and our economics. Of course we are fearful of a war with Russia.


Thus I comply with bad things. I compromise. It is too easy to say that we or others do such. No, it is I who complies. It is I who frequently compromises.

No, I am not against all compromises. But I am against irresponsible compromising. That is living as a slave of fear, shame, pride and other emotions. At the same time, the compromise hurts myself. And I know it. It is not what I really like. It is not what I actually think is best.

Evil Forces

I do not want to live tamed by evil forces.


Jesus, teach me courage and responsibility. So that I can face myself.

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