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I.M. Switched On 22 Feb 2022

All my life I have been fascinated by electric light. Just with a snap of the finger you can turn it on.
Yes, of course first, someone needed to discover electricity. Nothing new. Thunder flashes have existed from the beginning of the earth. Thus electricity is not a man-made invention. Harder was to develop a battery and electric wires. Then a guy named Edison experimented a long time to develop a filament (glow wire) which would not burn to destruction in a second, bust last for hundreds of hours.


Thus the transformation from natural 'flashes' into sources of man controllable light. It took hundreds of years and many little steps.

Normal persons have God given talents and gifts. Those are latently present in a person. Something needs to be done to operate them. The 'electricity' is there. It needs however to be regulated and turned on.

Gift Development

Just in a few words:
1) The gift needs to be discovered or disclosed. It could be by a natural interest, by the Holy Spirit or by a prophetic word. Even by a need for it.
2) The 'power' of the gift needs to be managed. That needs practice, training, coaching and last but least perhaps thousands of failures like the development of Edison's filament.
3) When I master my gift, I may get a 'go', a kind of permission to use the gift as a blessing to others. But as soon as other persons are affected, I may get feedback. Encouragement and critics. The much needed encouragement may raise up pride and disgrace or even kill the gift. The critics are painful, but may help me to improve my style of using the gift. 4) Strange enough, when I master my gift, perhaps I need to shift my focus to other gifts. And sometimes - for my own and others well being - I need to stop using my gift. In favor of other good things.


Jesus, send me and use me. Please switch me on when the time is there.

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