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I.M. Swamped 19 Feb 2022

A boat filled with water is not a useful vessel. When I am flooded with work, the effectiveness of my work may fall short. Things no more work.
Nowadays I am flooded with information. It is more than I can take. I can't take all the data of the Winter Olympics. I can't take all the news of the world. I will be overloaded and overwhelmed. I assume I would end up either dead or totally indifferent.


I need rest and find an appropriate response to prevent myself from being swamped and stranded at the bottom of the waters. I do not like to be indifferent or dead. I want to come to my senses. What is it that I, I, I, would like deep in my heart.
When swamped, I would like to get dry first. Stop the waves or close the leaks. What next? I wouldn't even consider a serious repair of the boat. That would be a temporary solution.

Other Choices

I just try with a smile:
- Find a much bigger boat.
- Don't try to cross the water.
- Fly over the water.
As you can see, I still make the water my problem.

The smile was perhaps a good start. I could learn to enjoy my journey more, even if not everything is perfect. And despite all the business of this world.


Jesus, I ask you for the fruits of the Holy Spirit. May those be more important in my life than any performance. I do not like to be swamped in the waves of the present time.

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