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I.M. Surveyed 18 Feb 2022

At an airport or hotel the cleanliness of the toilets may be surveyed. Typically a simple checklist is used.
Assume that I work in an office with 9 colleagues. Our boss instructs us to survey each other with a simple test as in the picture. Something like a GOOD-AVERAGE-BAD choice. Simply one anonymous check mark for each person. During the night my boss will pin nine checklists at the wall behind each desks.
Tomorrow each colleague can survey what all others think about him.

Would I sleep well tonight? Would I like to be surveyed by others? Would I like to be surveyed by God or a boss? I would not like to be judged and labeled as BAD or even GOOD.
And now, how would I survey myself? Am I BAD or GOOD or AVERAGE? Honestly speaking I do not like to be evaluated as being any label. It is always ridiculously wrong.


Jesus, teach me not to make graven images of anything on earth or in heaven.

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