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I.M. Supported 15 Feb 2022

Everyone likes support?
Most of us have our daily food, water, shelter and perhaps even wine. What support would I need? I have everything. I can manage myself.


Is it a weakness to desire some support? Just ask any soccer or other sports team if they like supporters? By times I feel exhausted. I like to relax, eat something sweet and fat, and drink some beer or wine. I deserve it.
It is not healthy.

It shall be clear that I am unable to manage everything in my life perfectly. I admit, frequently I could use some support. First of all, to simply listen to things where I struggle. And not the kind of support which would solve all my problems. My problems are the things which give my life focus, color and value. Those are the areas where I battle, grow and live.


Jesus, thanks for the smaller and bigger struggles in my life. Holy Spirit, guide me in wisdom.

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