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I.M. Superstitious 14 Feb 2022

My projects might fail. I am a bit afraid. When I talk to that persons, he might reject me. I am a bit ashamed. Would that be superstitious?
I don't know. I do know however, such thinking does even more harm than superstition. It limits my life to my safe and secure home. Everything is under control in my place. Such is my superstitious belief.
And it is by far not true. No wonder that people begin to rely on superstition. I only can act my plan if there is a good omen.

Faith and Trust

I need to trust myself, my skills, my capacity for resilence, the people around me and even God. Without faith I can't please God.


Jesus, send me out into the unknown. Please guide and protect me. Help me to give up fear, shame and pride.
I can and shall live with failure and uncertainty.

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