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I.M. Superficial 13 Feb 2022

Religion may appear superficial. I can't prove what I believe. But that is not what makes me or it superficial. I will behave superficial when I hide my fears, my doubts and my disappointments. Even worse is when I deny similar fears, doubts and disappointments with others. In this case, I am even mean and insensitive. All superficial behavior is insensitive.


When I talk about community, many will judge my ideas as unrealistic or superficial. That may express disinterest, unbelief or unwillingness.
It also makes it clear that I do not present a trustworthy image of what my idea of community could be in practice. The question, "How would that work?", would be relevant. Such a question helps to move an idea from superficial towards interesting.


Jesus, how would that work for me to build community? Jesus, how would that work for me to believe in You?

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