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I.M. Stuck 8 Feb 2022

What was the last time I replaced a car's flat tire? I am not even sure if I ever have changed one. I guess I did. I am quite sure I can do it.
When I am stuck in life, how would I respond?


When I continue to drive a car with a flat tire, I will destroy the tire. The ride will be inconvenient as well. Thus I better accept the fact that I have some trouble. My journey stops. And I have to deal with the damage or problems.
Although I will not feel great, being stuck with some problem in life is not always a huge disaster. There are still other things I can do. Being stuck may bring a much needed break in my life.
It may be painful to be stuck in some relationship or friendship. At least it shows that I value some other person or persons. Perhaps I should think more friendly about all the involved persons, including myself. With relationship issues, usually I myself am a part of the problem. It does not make me a totally bad person. Although I feel bad, I am still able to figure out the thoughts which make me feeling bad. Usually they are not too realistic. Thinking more positive and kind certainly will reduce the inconvenience.


Jesus, I'd like to learn to think kind and friendly about the people who hurt me. Teach me how to bless them.

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