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I.M. Stranded 5 Feb 2022

A stranded ship may end as a shipwreck. How would I end when I am stranded, stuck? Who would like to be stranded on a quiet tropical island with plenty of food? It does not feel good to be stranded. But it is better than dying. There is still hope left for a rescue.

In Need For Help

When I am stranded,I need help. And because I really need, I will be willing to accept help. Where would I seek help? Sometimes I have no choice. Any help is welcome. Unfortunately I am stubborn. I have my pride. I only want perfect help. I may call out a "Jesus Christ."

Nothing may happen. He is however supposed to be a Saviour. Many call intentionally or just by habit His name. Would I really be willing to accept help of this Jesus? Perhaps I simply seek a miraculous outcome.


Before I want the help of Jesus, I would perhaps like to know who He is. Just accepting the help of an unknown stranger does not feel good. What help could or would Jesus be able to give? Jesus is the healer of my 'innermost' being. Perhaps better known as soul. Calling Him as a boat mechanic is perhaps not His specialty. He loves my soul. He loves to care for my soul. It is however required that I allow Him. I need to call Him for the proper service.


Jesus, please heal my unbelief and pull me on the path of life, so that I will not end up stranded.

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