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I.M. Stirred 4 Feb 2022

The question is whether I am willing to be stirred. Perhaps I am satisfied with my life as it is. My status quo is fine. Life has its surprises. Various kind of events may stir up my emotions. Such events touch me whether I am willing or not.


I may look for excitement. I might go to a party. But that was before Corona-time. Where am I going to find my excitement?
Several times in my life, I resigned from my job. Is that exciting? Yes, it was. It gave new directions to my life. What stirred me up to do so?

At the age of 28 I decided to get a masters degree at the university. Before I had worked 5 years full-time.
When I was 35 years old, I knew that I did not like to continue the same work till my retirement. I resigned. But I was asked to stay in the company and work on a new great project.
Two or three years later I resigned from my job once more. For three years I did not do technical professional work. Part of this time I lived with Christian communities.
I needed however income. I moved into a series of varying engineering projects at various locations.

Was this all the excitement I was looking for? Yes and No. Not always I could find the direction I really wanted to go. I however have enjoyed all I did. I never regretted my decisions.

Hearts Desire

My desire for more than thirty years is to build local community. The purpose should be to assist in building up a Catholic parish, typically unable to form strong communities.

I really hope to find others who are willing to let their life being stirred, to trust themselves in new uncertain adventurous futures.


Jesus, please stir our lives into fresh directions, for the well-being of many.

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