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I.M. Stereotyped 3 Feb 2022

I am just like all others. I have no dreams. I have no desires. I just want money, a big house and car, and vacations to every country of the world. Yes, I am stereotype. Just as everyone else. Nothing special.

Your Dreams?

I am surprised with the few answers I get when asking people about their dreams. They hardly can name the stereotyped dreams listed above.
I still do not believe that people have no dreams and desires. A person without desire is as good as 'dead', a total 'stereotype,' equal to all others. He or she degrades herself to ... please tell me, then I know it as well.

Some Dreams

I desire a life as in the paradise, heaven or the Kingdom of God. I desire to learn to do what is needed to get there.
I desire to live in a place where all people of good will are cared for and can grow in using their unique non-stereotyped talents.
I like to get solved the pain and hurt from my past. I like to learn to be more courageous.
I like to learn to dance, make beautiful drawings, to teach. I like to learn Tagalog, Spanish and perhaps Chinese.


Jesus, redeem me from where I am stuck in stereotyped unwanted things or behaviour. Guide me in being a unique person, loved by God.

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