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I.M. Starved 1 Feb 2022

Yesterday evening I visited friends. We talked about the 'crumbling' Catholic Church in the Netherlands. I heard myself raising interesting questions:
- It would not come to my mind to invite an unbeliever to attend a Catholic Mass. Why is that?
- Why would anyone need God?
- How could the Church 'attendance' grow to double in 5 or 10 years? What would be needed and what would be the price?


I can't answer all those questions. Nevertheless I will give brief suggestions. But first ... If a follower of Jesus (It could be me) does not reflect the goodness of Him, the joy and love of the Holy Spirit, ... then the world may see a starved person. A person not far from death. And even worse, a person no more capable to hunt for his food.
And I do not like to be a 'failure.'

Q1 Inviting into Mass

Why do I not invite? First, I give little testimony about what draws me to the mass. Second, I act as a starved coward. Is it such a problem when I get 'no' as an answer? I would love to have a small leaflet with a brief explanation about the mass which I can hand out to the persons whom I like to introduce. I hope it would speak about joy and healing.

Q2 Why do I need God?

As far as I know, He is the only who can lead me to a good (eternal) life. I like to have a good purpose for my life. Not just after dead, but already now.

Q3 Doubling The Numbers

Care for all that needs to be cared for. Teach the people to DO what God commands and stop acting as starved victims. I would guess that a 10% of the believers needs to be set free to minister (care) for the mission of the Church. It would require perhaps 10 times more full time workers than now available. And it seems to me that the community of believers is not yet willing to pay such a price. 'I' choose to starve.


Jesus, give us the desire to learn to do all you have commanded us. Save us from starving.

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