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I.M. Heavy 28 Feb 2021

My weight is a 90 kilo. I would not be able to lift a 90 kg load from the floor. Still my own weight does not feel as heavy. I can walk easily. I can even jump. Walking with a burden of even 20 kg feels as heavy.
Notice that just a relatively small burden feels heavy. I am not made for carrying burdens. And certainly not heavy burdens.


I experience stress with complex situations where I need to make a decision or choice. I may struggle with my tax declaration. It is by far not easy to know all the rules and requirements. The same applies to my bookkeeping. It is not my expertise. It is not always easy to find help. Fortunately the Internet provides insights. Finally I like to be honest with my tax declaration and at the same time I do not like to pay more than required.
I know that I feel stressed when I am not at peace. The same thoughts keep me busy even when I am resting or doing very different things. It makes me less productive and irritable.

My Response

I respond in a variety of ways:
1) I shall not postpone the issue. I work on it. It is a priority. It should however not be an obsession. I know that after the work is done, the stress leaves immediately.
2) I should ask for help when possible and when not too expensive.
3) I could make a list of which specific (detailed/smaller) issues give me headaches.
4) After the previous steps, I take a few moments to relax. I stand in full length, perhaps with my arms spread or in the air and I breathe deep several times. With breathing out making effort to blow away my stress. I know I can manage the situation.
5) I pray.


Father God, see those things which causes stress to me. I admit that with some details I struggle with honesty and with making decisions. Holy Spirit, please guide me in doing what is pleasing to God. Please make me free of unneeded stress and fill me with your joy.

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