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I.M. Heard 26 Feb 2021

When a human being does not hear well, sometimes a hearing aid helps a lot. Not hearing well enough hinders a lot in social life.
In some psalms you may hear: "God turn your ear to me, listen carefully." When my prayers to God are not answered, I would wish I could give God an hearing aid. Such a hearing aid could be fasting. Catholics may call for help from the saints.
Personally I believe that God hears pretty well.

God Hears

God knows already everything. Why does He need my words? God loves communication and connection. Those are channels of love.
God knows my complaints and all my unfriendly responses. No hearing aid is needed. God knows the suffering of this world. Even without hearing.

God has appointed mankind and angels to care for our world. Still God wants to hear, perhaps only when I am willing to respond with love and care. I need to be willing to do my part. That includes listening to the Holy Spirit.

My Turn To Hear

Actually God expects that I listen to His words and that I do what the words express. Hearing does not end with listening. It takes understanding. Finally God expects action.
I am great in finding excuses. With all the many needs in my life and this world I need to learn to find a balance. There are problems which I am not supposed to solve. I still can pray. And sometimes I am not even supposed to pray. Instead I need to listen to the Holy Spirit. He can impress in my mind and heart the things that I need to pray for and the things that I need to act on. Jesus says: "The burden I give to you is light." I need to listen what this light burden is!


God, you do hear me pretty well. Please teach me which words of me are pleasing to you. Please teach me what lacks in my behaviour for having my prayers answered. I trust you.

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