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I.M. Healed 25 Feb 2021

One can only heal from a sickness or wound. It is also normal that there was a cause. It could be an infection, some poison or an accident. Some wounds grow slowly. Some sickness develops increasingly. What follows is a pain or a trouble. Usually the patient desires healing.

Desire Healing

Some persons are so much hurt or disappointed that the desire for healing has died. Sometimes the 'patient' has no idea that healing is possible or an option. It also may happen that doctors or advisers declare that healing is impossible. Many of us believe that their characters are unchangeable.
Still there? You might be interested in healing. I believe that it is important to desire healing and make effort to heal. Some patients find life with a sickness more bearable than living with normal duties and responsibilities in life. The sickness becomes an excuse.


Habits which cause trouble are serious wounds. And they are hard to heal. Even God can hardly heal my habit. Sometimes a sickness helps to change my attitude. That is because for a while I am unable to act in my ordinary ways. I am attached to my ways of behaving. I am used to do my things in certain ways.
It helps when my heart is healed. When I seriously desire to change my trouble-causing manners. When I desire not to hurt others around.
I need training and practice to learn new behaviour. I need opportunities to use new skills.
In the process of learning, it is very useful to write my thoughts on paper or in an e-mail. Usually with written communication it is easier to communicate accurately than with verbal messages. This is especially true when I struggle with emotions.


Come Holy Spirit. Please guide me in the process of healing, especially of the wounds and unpleasant habits from my early youth. Jesus, give me patience with my habits but matched with determinedness to grow and find healing.

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