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I.M. Haughty 24 Feb 2021

Looking down on another human being and treating him as if he has no value is haughty. Not listening to wisdom is arrogant. Intentionally not listening to others is proud. Interrupting someone who is talking to me is another annoying behaviour. Talking too long dominates over others. Do those things never happen to you?

Root of Sin

Pride is called the root of all other sins. I am stubborn. I am unable or unwilling to see the trouble I am causing. Usually I do have an understanding that what I am doing is not correct. Haughty is looking in the air. Not seeing the reality. It causes trouble.

Down to Earth

Humility is an opposite of pride. True humility can not ignore truth. Indifference or false humility are just as well pride. It does not face the truth. I need to accept the truth about my haughtiness. It may hurt me and disappoint me.


It is possible to set some values and rules. They must be practiced otherwise they are useless.
1) I will make serious effort to listen well to others. I can prove that I have listened by summarizing what the other person said.
2) I admit my faults and where needed I ask forgiveness.
3) I avoid to interrupt others. Especially for the purpose of expressing my opinions.
4) I try to limit my time of talking. Then I ask if the listener(s) understood or have questions or comments.

None of those things is easy for me. I need practice. I would like to agree with some people that we make such values as rule in the way we relate.


Father God, teach me humility. Help me to acknowledge and value friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours.

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