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I.M. Hasty 22 Feb 2021

When I need help, I want it quickly. Preferably immediately. My need is now. In various psalms, the psalmist prays: "come quickly to my help" or "make haste to help me". Sometimes we have no other one for help than God.

The Fast God

I can't remember a story from the bible where God is running. Perhaps he does not need to. He is omnipresent. He is instantly available. I just need to call on His name. Does it work? I do know that many call on his name when they are in need. Some of them may actually not even expect help. Jesus however promises us that he will not abandon us. Many find comfort in the name of God.


Why would God like to help? First, for He is a father. Secondly, He knows that we need help. The Devil feeds us with lies. God feeds us with truth. And the choice is up to me. If I desire the life of this world, hasty to get pleased and satisfied in worldly things, God may not be a great help to me. If I choose the values of the eternal life, there is less haste. God is already in control for those who love Him and seek His values.


Come o come hasty God, make me a lover of your values. Be hasty to teach me to love my neighbour. I desire your help for things pleasing to You.

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