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I.M. Harmonious 21 Feb 2021

When I make music, the sounds I produce must be harmonious. The various tones and singing should join together in a pleasant common sound. When I cooperate with team members, our jointly efforts should produce a winners spirit. I need to trust the others. I need to lay down my selfish and stubborn inclinations. Otherwise I hinder the team more than I strengthen it.


On the road towards comm-unity I need to explore my selfish motives. And that requires a lot of work. When I act in my own interest instead of the team's interest then I do harm and I do not produce harmony.

False Unity

There is however a harmony of laziness. I am afraid for some dissonances, irritating sounds. I hold back valuable insights or resources just to reach a quick socially acceptable unity. The result will be that my team does not grow to its full strength. We miss valuable opportunities.
All good and interesting music needs some dissonances. Only harmony is boring. And a few little dissonances bring fresh life and emotion in the music.
A false unity is where many resources and talents will not be used or developed.

Growing and Building

I need to trust others to bring out my resources or talents. When others humiliate me or steal my ideas, it will not build trust. I need a team where I can safely express myself. Even if there are some dissonances. Without making faults few lessons will be learned. I need opportunity to release my talents and gifts. When my team only uses my skills to win a match I will feel abused. I am used as a tool instead of a person. I will not feel home. And if so, I need to report that to my team members. I am in disunity.


Come Holy Spirit, lead me into harmony with others around. Help me to speak out where I am in disharmony.

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