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I.M. Hard 20 Feb 2021

A raw egg does not taste pleasant. A hard boiled egg is pleasant to eat and it is easy to peel off the shell. A leader who can't make tough decisions is not a good leader. A parent who is never hard to a child may not be a good parent.
Jesus however says: "I am gentle and humble in heart" (Matt 11:29). But he also maintains the law. The gentle and humble apply to 'finding rest for your soul".

Unwanted Hard

More interesting is the question what makes me hard when I actually do not like to be hard. To name a few things: a hardened heart, habits, stress, power acting, fear and pride. It happens to me several times on a day. When someone needs some of time. When someone makes a request to me. When I hear about needs in the world. When I am disappointed with God. When someone made a mistake. When I do not get quick enough what I want.


A little more patience can make a big difference. I do not need to hurt myself or others. I can take a few moments to listen or pray. I need to relax a little.
I also invite people around me to help me. Would you have a moment for me? Is it a good moment for talking? I invite you to say the same message somewhat more friendly.
I do not like my hard responses.


Jesus, teach me to be gentle and humble in heart. I ask for healing where I have been hurt by others.

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