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I.M. Happy 19 Feb 2021

When I trust life, I am happy. It is not required that everything is perfect. Our washing machine needs repair. We face a lock-down and a curfew. I still am happy.

Increasing Happiness

Happiness may have degrees. Doing something meaningful makes me more happy because it adds fulfillment. Enjoying things in life also builds happiness.

Decreasing Happiness

It happens when I postpone decisions which could be made now. If I wait, my sense of uneasiness grows. When I see the poverty of so many in this world, it also affects me. How can I be happy when others suffer?

The Sum

Would it make me more happy to work for or with the poor in this world? I do have a strong sense that the answer is yes.
When I however do not care for my own needs, I will lose my happiness. It needs a balance.


Jesus Lord, help me to be in community with the needy in this world. Please connect me to tasks which connect more persons to your love.

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