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I.M. Hampered 18 Feb 2021

Something hinders me to proceed the road I like to travel. I face difficulties. I need to find a solution. I can terminate my trip, but that is not nice. I may remove a barricade or an obstruct, but I may not know if that is safe.


When there are hindrances with the execution of my plans, my thinking may be stuck as well. Each time I try to find a solution I see the same ugly problem, which I do not know how to solve. I desire a solution. I see my own limitations.

Different Perspective

Someone else may know a solution. Usually it is a good idea to ask the opinion of others. They may know how to solve my difficulty. Still the wisdom of others may fail.
Let's assume the it may be expected that my problem is realistic. If I look for something near to impossible, than I must have a lot of patience. I need to think different and fresh. I may need to experiment.


I struggle with finding opportunities to love a neighbour. Perhaps I am not really making any practical effort. I might be afraid to explore my neighbourhood.
I also could think more practical. How can I be more kind to the normal group of people I relate to? Which little works do I simply postpone?
I could ask help (I did and the response was extremely low: zero.)
I ask God to bring opportunities on my path. I still do not see progress.
I invite others to explore possibilities with me.
I know that I am seeking for doable things. I also observe a kind of 'blindness'. Perhaps this problem is not my highest priority in this time.

I seek new friends and opportunities to work in a team with as a focus to run common projects. Over a number of years I am not very successful. I am wondering what blocks me.
Perhaps I want to do many things just myself or in my own style. I would like to learn to delegate more work to others and to trust them.


Holy Spirit, I pray for gifts of leadership and discernment concerning the gifts you gave to others nearby. Jesus, I pray for new 'roads' for traveling my journeys.

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