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I.M. Guided 16 Feb 2021

Nowadays it is very easy to plan a trip and to be guided by a navigation tool. Many smartphones can do a great job. It simplifies traveling. The journey is less an adventure. We only may see highways.
There is however hardly a guide or guidance for a human life. There are many surprises on the road from birth to death.

Guides in Life

Parents and teachers have been (or are) important guides in our life. Finally I need to learn to find my way just myself. That is because I am responsible and accountable to God at the hour of my death. It is not my father or mother who needs to give account for my life to God.
If that is correct, and I do not talk about children, when I grow up I just can not continue forever to obey my father. I need to master navigation through life myself.


The law of my country and the laws of God also guide me. Usually in negative sense. You shall not ... Or pay your taxes. The law however does not tell me to whom to marry, which profession to choose or in which city or country to live.

Dreams, Desires and Opportunities

What really guides me are dreams and desires. I choose what I like with as limitation what is possible for me: my opportunities. And for sure I can seek opportunities and challenges. I do have a life and freedom.
Finally ... I can choose to do a good work. Even if I do not like that work a lot.


Father God, I thank you for the gift of life. Jesus, please call me, for what pleases your Father most. Holy Spirit, please guide me with dreams, desires and insight.


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