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I.M. Grounded 14 Feb 2021

In the case that a plane can not take off because of bad weather, it is grounded. In this time of corona many of us are grounded as well. We can not do all the things we like. We can not fly.
With a person, grounded has a second meaning: balanced and sensible.


Not being able to do what I like is a test. I may get impatient and choose some rebellious behaviour.
As a normal person I like to use my talents. And when I am grounded in the meaning of prohibited, my personality may lift up from being grounded to exploring my limits. The result may be inconvenient.


When life comes to a halt, I have the possibility to focus on things where I normally lack time or focus.
I may realise that there are values in my life which I have forgotten. With a busy life, relationships easily suffer.
In the past months I had more time to see the news. I began to read a newspaper regularly. I am hearing more about poverty and refugees. The refugee camps are places where I see serious needs. In the Netherlands we live in a luxury which is a sharp contrast. I am wondering if there are places where I can use my talents or skills better to help people in need.
In the Netherlands I would be interested in finding more meaning in the life of elderly people.


Father God, I like to pray for all those who are grounded. Whether it be in a refugee camp, prison, by loneliness or Corona. Jesus, I ask you to teach me compassion. Holy Spirit, open my eyes for opportunities to love my neighbour.

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