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I.M. Green 13 Feb 2021

Do I care for my (the) environment? It is time for the third question (see 3 days ago):
What can be done to improve things not working well? Actually, to make them working!
With the environment, this is an impossible task for an individual. There are certainly things which can be done. Thirty-five years ago I decided that I could live without a car. A year later, I sold my car. I did not say, "I will never again have a car or ride in a car." That would limit normal life.

Green Pastures

I realize that I contribute to the destruction of our environment. I find it hard to change. How can I contribute? I could think about the following issues:
1) I like a more simple life, first of all where my life is not ruled by the speed and greed of the 'western' world.
2) We (I include Millet) would like to live in a somewhat warmer country. In our present home we use heating in the winter. It may save energy. In warmer places, people may take life more easy. We realize that this is not good for productivity. It may however be more green.
3) We realize that our individual choices are of little effect on this earth. So we like to cooperate with others with similar desire. That makes things more doable.
4) We realize that we must be willing to give up our present 'home'.


1. Seek and you shall find. We seek for opportunities and for people with similar interests. I write every day on the Internet to share my interests.
2. Knock and you will be opened. I talk to people I meet. I may press too hard. Most appear to be deaf. But I know that communication is key. Communicating is knocking on doors.
3. Ask and you will be given. We pray.


Father God, I am stuck. I desire a more green world. Please connect me to people and opportunities. Come Holy Spirit and pray in me. Grant me words of wisdom and guide me in loving my neighbour.

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