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I.M. Grave, Greedy 12 Feb 2021

For today I like to reflect on the question (see 2 days back):
"What is not working well?"


Frequently I am too serious, too much worried about minor difficulties. By times I make things too complicated and far too broad. Others around disconnect. I myself postpone working on things that could be done now.
It sounds grave. It does however not define who I am. When I reflect on myself, I should do it with sufficient mercy and with a smile. I hope that I am learning. It gives hope.


I do not like to spend my money. I am holding resources which could be released for use by others.
I want immediate results. I want it now. And I get disappointed when things do not work quick enough. I am unfair to myself and others.

So What?

I am human. I am who I am and that is not a god. Still I am a child of God. I have a life to learn and to enjoy. I have observed a few not so effective things. Mañana, tomorrow I will look into a more 'green', better world.


Come Holy Spirit, teach me to accept who and what I am. And I ask for peace, love, joy and patience with what I can see.

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