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I.M. Grateful 11 Feb 2021

Yesterday I proposed some questions around the theme 'good'. Being grateful requires that I investigate what is going well in my projects or in my life. This will help me to accept a few things where I struggle more. But that is for tomorrow.

My Projects

I name two projects:
1. My daily writings. I am writing faithfully. I think I hardly missed a day in a 30 months period of time. I enjoy my writings and the pictures I produce. I can express thoughts on what I read or study. My writing reflects things which are important for me, issues which I value. With the I.M. themes I like the little prayers every day.
2. I am (we are) exploring what we can do with my (our) life in the coming years. We would like to live in a warmer country. Together with Millet I pray every day around this theme. Because of the Corona crisis, we can spend more time together. We talk more. We listen more. We struggle more. And it is good.

My life

I have a wife to share my life with. I am learning. I am in reasonable health. There is stability. I can look into a new phase. I am living in a safe place. I have an internet connection and I can talk to people at other locations in the world. I do have a lot of freedom.
I have dreams and desires. I have a reasonable mind and various talents to work with.
There is a God who loves me.


Father God there are many things which make me grateful. Whatever good I can do, it is because of your grace. I like to give the honor for all the things I get done to you.

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